Monday, January 25, 2016

Wading through the dust and cobwebs

It is hard to believe that it has been around 8 ½ months since my last post here on the blog!  Life has been rather busy,with a cross country move,to the pacific north west,and the addition of...

baby Peanut,born on Dec 6th 2015.  She got off to a rough start,but is doing fine now!

Here she is,AKA Audrey Lynn,in one of her newborn photos.  Be Still My HEART,yes I am a proud grandma.

There have been some sewing starts/finishes,this is one of the latest.  A mini quilt for a swap over on Instagram.  It is all finished,except needing a label on the back.

One of my current projects,is the bloom sew along, this is my first block.  Last Monday was the first block,so when I get todays block done I will post it.

Sorry to all my readers for the overly long hiatus from the blog!  I hope to get back into the routine of posting once a week.   Mostly thanks to my daughter and nice who have both asked when I am Ever going to post again…if you are on IG you can keep up with me there as well,just search @apaisleysunflower

Sew Worth It

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  1. Dear CeLynn,
    Good to read something of you! And mich better to hear that there were hard months but everything is well now! Congratulations dear grandma! Sometimes life 1.0 is much more important than the cyber world. ;)
    Greetings from Germany, Rike


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