Saturday, April 18, 2015

Whats in a Name & a bit of sewing

A while back I mentioned that I would actually be officially changing the name of this/my blog.  Well that has finally happened.  The name has been changed to a Paisley Sunflower.  You should still be redirected here from the old link,but if you are a follower you might want to use the new URL,or not.

The new header is still in the process of being designed,so that will be changed as soon as it is ready.  I hope that all of my wonderful followers decide to stay with me through this change,and the lack of posting lately.  The plan is to get back into a solid post once a week for sure and maybe twice a week depending on what I have to show you all.

What I have been working on recently…

The Oh Spit diaper bag from the Big-City bags book.  My friend likes patchwork so I incorporated a bit into the front pocket of the bag for her.

The lining with divided pockets attached.  One thing about this bag it has plenty of pockets,which is always a plus in my book!

All finished and ready to go!  It is now at its new home patiently awaiting the arrival of a new babe for its first use.

The Secret Tote Bag swap round 6 over on flickr is one of three swaps I joined recently.  This round was black and white with one other color.  There was no specific bag we were to make,just what our partner wanted or we picked.  For my partner I chose to make a Super Tote by Noodlehead.  As you can see the one other color I chose out of the three she listed was red.

A few extra little goodies to accompany the bag to its new home.

This morning it began its trip,hopefully to someone who will love it for a long time to come!  This was my first time making this pattern,I used my seam ripper a lot learned a lot so hopefully the next one will not require the use of the grim ripper ;).  The only real issue,other than those of my own making,was the thickness on the sides/gusset part of the bag.  Even thought I used a brand new leather needle to do the final top stitching it was a real fight with my machine to actually get it to sew over the thick gusset part.  Other than that this was a fun bag to sew up!


  1. What fab bags! I love the parchwork on the first one

  2. What fab bags! I love the parchwork on the first one


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