Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mama's got a new Bag!!!

Sorry for the rather long time between posts,but I seem to have misplaced my sewjo somewhere…I Really Need to find it as I have two swap items to get cracking sewing on Pronto!

Speaking of swaps,this is my Super Awesome tote bag received in round 6 of the Secret Tote Bag Swap!(over on Flickr)  Last time I showed you the bag made for my partner,btw she Loves it :)  I kind of cheated a bit when listing my three color preferences…because I listed green/aqua...

The top view,I am so in love with the jewel tone aqua prints that mamma fairy sews used!

I am not sure what pattern this bag is made from,but I Love love love all the pockets,there are 30 pockets in this bag!!!  Some are narrow and will be great for holding notions like marking pens,slim rulers,and such.  So a pocket for just about any notion you might have!

Check out the cute little dottie pincushion she made as one of my extras,it even fits around the narrow end of the ironing board. So I can switch it back and forth as needed.

The rest of my loot!  Isn't that little dumpling zippy pouch just adorable?!  The scissor lanyard coordinates perfectly with my cross stitch scissors,sweetness.  Some zippers,fabric,and an extra strap so the bag can be worn cross body style.  I was Sooo Spoiled :)

Sew Worth It


  1. what a gorgeous bag! And 30 pockets? That's my idea of a bag!

  2. This bag is really interesting and I love the color combination!


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