Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Guess it is high time I dusted off the ole blog!

Life has been busy lately and I have been taking a little blogging vacation…

Speaking of vacation,last month we were able to finally synchronize all our schedules!  Which meant that for the first time in between 3-4 years we got together with both Jolene and Gil at the same time.  Let me just say that made me one Happy Mama :)))  We got together in St. George UT,this photo is taken from the view on Watchman Trail in Zion National Park.  The Cherry on the top, we were also finally able to meet Carla,in person (the sweetie sitting next to Gil,his girlfriend)

As a parent one of my hopes was that my kids would grow into good caring adults.  It made me proud as throughout all our hikes,I watched Gil stop step off the trail and pick up a abandoned water bottle or other piece of trash,and place it into his backpack.

While in St. George Jolene and I spent a couple hours at Superior Threads Headquarters!  Upstairs is the fabric shop,while downstairs is this awesome warehouse filled with thread from small spools to very large cones.  As well as the offices of the administrative staff.

This is also where your online order is processed and shipped from.  All the clerks are so nice and helpful,even when you interrupt them time and again with just one more question :)

Gil and I at Fremont St in Vegas,I was so happy that he willingly posed for this shot with me!  Usually he manages to make a funny face just as the photo is snapped,but this time he didn't.

At the entrance to the container garden there is this giant praying mantis,it is very cool.  It also scared the crap out of me!  Gil and I were standing by the gate talking about it when all of a sudden it started spewing flames out of its antenni.

This is my latest bag,it is the Oh Spit Diaper bag,from the Big-City bags book by Sara Lawson.  This is  the exterior front of the bag.

The finished bag all packed up and ready to go off to its new home!

This is my second cross stitch,just finished this evening after work!  I have plans to incorporate it into a bag soon…

Sew Worth It

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  1. Good Evening CeLynn, I am sorry I have not been visiting very much lately, but life at my end has been a little busy.... but when I visit, I discover that you have had a wonderful holiday with your family. I loved the photo of you and Gil... one to frame I think.
    As for the warehouse, my word, I have never seen such a huge place... so many threads.
    I would have been the same as you, I would have jumped out of my skin if the preying mantis started spewing out flames whilst I was standing below it.
    I love your Russian doll cross stitch, it is beautiful.
    It has been lovely catching up with you.
    Have a lovely evening CeLynn,
    Best Wishes


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