Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sew the Library

No,I didn't fall off the earth,just blog land!  Sorry for the lack of posting lately but,in order to stay focused and stay productive it was necessary.

So,what has been keeping me busy…

quilt # 7 for this year!  This is my buzz saw quilt from The book Fabulously Fast Quilts by Amy Smart.  This is my second quilt from this book,although this one was not as fast as the butterfly effect quilt,it was still fairly fast to sew up.

For the back of this quilt I decided to pull out a few of the gothic windows blocks from w a y back in April 2012(my month in stash bee that year).  It felt great to be including these in a project finally!  You can see the quilt made from most of the blocks.

No photos outside today as it is a slushy/snowy mess,with more on the way.  I did not want to risk dragging or dropping this beauty in the slush.

Finished this quilt measures at 67 x 82,a little larger than the one in the book.  Simply because my borders are just a bit larger than the pattern called for.  Although there are more quilts in the book that I like,next month it is time to move on and sew from some other books/magazines in my sewing library.

Linking up with Weekend Doings this month for Sew the Library

*** Just a little note to my regular followers,you may or may not have noticed that my header is quite a bit different!  In the near future I will be changing my blog name and url.  The current header is temporary until I find someone to make me a professional one.  If you know anyone let me know!  More on this in a later post ***

Sew Worth It


  1. What a great, graphic quilt, I love the mix of grey, yellow and black you've chosen!

  2. It looks like my first comment vaporized. this one is to test if i should wait until I'm on the big computer.

  3. Okay... what i wrote the first time was that seven quilts this year is amazing CeLynn!
    Lov your buzz saw pattern and the bright yellow with the black and white!

  4. These are beautiful! Change is go girl.

  5. I love the yellow and the black together, the yellow really pops!

  6. Great looking quilt CeLynn! I love the color combination! I'm seriously thinking to join the sew your library movement as I have tons of books, some I just bought! It would be fun to make a project from them since I spent a lot of money on buying them :)))

  7. Beautiful quilt. I love how the yellow and black look together. What a beautiful finish.


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