Saturday, February 7, 2015

January recap/February focus

Sewing progress for the first month of 2015..

left to right
# 1 Stick shift quilt front/back
# 2 little Red in the Woods quilt front/back
# 3 Fall Frolic quilt front/back
# 5 butterfly effect quilt front/back

Quilt  # 6

Todays finish,the first for Feb is my Mellow Yellow Stick Shift quilt.  The spot where I usually hang my quilts for photos at the Steam Plant (which used to actually be a steam plant back in the day,but is now a theater and art mecca) had a large pile of snow in front of it.  So the stairs were the photo spot today.

The back side,is a lot more pieced than planned,but then the quilt is two rows longer and three sticks longer than originally planned.

These are the fabrics I am hoping to use for my January BOM bag,if there is enough,if not it will be back to the stash to find something that will work.  There is still some hardware needed for this bag,so we shall see if it gets completed this month.  The fabric for this months bag has yet to be pulled…

Sew Worth It

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  1. Wow four quilts in one month is impressive! I thought spring was around the corner but the weather says otherwise:(


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