Sunday, January 25, 2015

Productive Focus

Do you choose a word(s) at the beginning of each new year?  Some bloggers/quilters do some do not.  Until this year I was one of the do nots.  For some reason it just felt right,although I did not link up anywhere or anything like that.

It is just a personal thing having to do with my quilting/bag making goals for the year.  Speaking of that here is Fall Frolic all finished!

inside and closer up.

Again,inside since the sun was dipping by the time I finished!  This one was actually finished last weekend. Quilt finish #4 for January!

This past week has been a busy one,with two new quilt projects in the works.  Butterfly effect from a "Color Me Happy"jelly roll,and Kona Nightfall blue yardage.

and the second Stick Shift quilt,using "Mellow Yellow",a FQ bundle and strips from a "Silent Film" roll up/jelly roll.  Both tops are finished at this point,photos will come as soon as I can find daylight hours…

My words for this year…Productive Focus

Sew Worth It


  1. I love the idea of productive focus! This year, I'm focusing more (or hoping to) on quilts. I have been spending a lot of time making bags/pattern testing bags, and I'm getting 'backed up' on all sorts of quilt ideas I am having. So, I think it's time for me to focus on getting some of the quilts made :)

  2. I too have a goal of getting more quilts done this year and not so many small projects. Stay focused!

  3. If only I could have productive focus. Great words to live by or in my case...try to.

  4. You are definitely incorporating those words into this year! Looks like you have been quite busy. I too wanted to create more this year. More practical things. Looks like it is the start of some wonderful finishes for you. Hugs, Cori

  5. Awesome, CeLynn! You are putting me to shame. I think the back of fall frolic is gorgeous! Just a few more days to link up butterfly effect. I think you'll be ready!!!


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