Sunday, December 14, 2014

Flower Power

Are you ready for Christmas?  No?  Me either,but I am close!  A friend of mine has three sweet little girls...

These cute little flower purses and wristlets were made using this pattern purchased recently from an Indie seller on Craftsy.  They are a bit fiddly and time consuming but,they turn out so cute!  If you have a little girl or know one that loves all things girly,this is the perfect purse pattern.  The far left one was  my tester.

The lining was my planed exterior fabric...which is why I generally sew up a tester when making something for someone else,and using a new pattern for the first time.  It still turned out cute though.  I know one more little girl who might like this one.

I have all but finished the baby quilt top for ElaniaGrace,with my own twist on the pattern of course.  As well as some pink thrown in,because every little girl needs at least a little pink!

The pattern calles for hexie shapes in the second strip,I decided to use my smallest circle ruler to tie in with the bubbles in the fussy-cut square row.  The rest of the circles/bubbles need to be made and the top will be finished.  I also omitted the two ruffles near top and bottom of the quilt and am contemplating adding large ric rack there.  This will now take a back seat so I can finish up my last couple gifts.

Happy sewing!


  1. The flower purses are awesome! I know three little girls who would love them!!!;). I would never have thought to sew a tester but now I see why...good idea!

    I like the idea of ric rac on the baby quilt. For some reason I just think it's perfect on a baby quilt.

  2. These little pouches are darling. They need eyes...he-he! Your quilt is turning out so cute.

  3. The flower purses actually go really fast once you start doing them assembly style. First don't cut each individual flower petal, instead cut the interfacing, iron it onto a strip of fabric, double the fabric and sew up the petals all on one strip, then cut out with a wavy rotary cuter (if you have one, makes for turning them easier) Then you just have to have wonder clips, please tell me you have those, they are life saving in bag making and they make putting the petals on easier. Hope this helps. Love how they turned out.


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