Thursday, December 25, 2014

Big-City Bags...the Final edition

This month for the BigCity Bags SAL (button on my side bar) we could sew up any of the bags in the book.  Since my favorite bag in the book is the Chandelier Swing bag,that is the one I chose to make.

All year long we have been sewing the bags from the book and not once have I used any of Sara Lawson's fabric.  Until now anyway!  For this one I broke into my FQ bundle of Jungle Avenue that I had been hording petting and trying not to drool on ;)

Normally I am not much of a "pink"girl,but I really love this text print!  Not to mention that some of the bundle made a Sew Together bag for someone for a Christmas gift.

The main reason this bag is my favorite is because of the size.  It just holds the essentials,which is what I usually pack around.

A peek inside,love this street map print too!

How about one with an exotic flair?  This one was made with a piece I cut wrong for the Sound Check bag.

I need to stock up on zippers before the month ends and the discount runs out!  I was hoping to use a gold or black zip,but since all three of my black zips went into the Sew Together bag...

The goldish print inside does not really match,but since it is inside it is okay.  This has been such a fun year with lots of bags!  My skills have grown exponentially since the beginning of the year.  Hardware has been tried and some of it mastered.  Some still needing more practice runs.

I hope you will join me next year as my bag making (and sewing in general) continues!  I heard recently Sara has sent a new book to her editor...and I have already signed up for the next edition of The Bag of the Month Club!


  1. Lovely bags! I haven't sewn this one yet, but it is on my to-do list. It just looks like such a nice little bag to take to the store or wherever. Nicely done!

  2. I really like them both! What a fun pattern. Looks like a great size.

  3. Oh that's so cool you are doing this again next year! The bag with Jungle Ave fabric looks really good! Your skills have grown so much this year. You should be really proud;)

  4. Both bags look great, I love the blue zip in the first one, and the exotic fabric on the second one is awesome. So will you really buy a second Sara book? I look forward to the book that Janelle is writing, did you know she is working on one also?

  5. Perfect! I love the Pink and Black Combination!!


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