Friday, November 21, 2014


  You might be thinking that maybe the Circus has come to town,from this post title. sorta has!

Recently I showed this photo of the pieces mostly cut for one of this months bag options for the Big-City bags SAL.

Just like with my HoneyMooners Suitcase I took some photos of the bag making process.  Both the exterior and interior pieces finished.

The zipper panels and side pieces all prepped/ready to be sewn to the the bag front/back pieces.

My pockets are almost never made the stated size in the pattern,because I like to customize them to my needs.

Although not called for in the pattern,a tab with a D-ring for clipping my keys onto.

Almost finished,just lacking having the lining sewn to the exterior.

A peek inside the finished Piccadilly bag.  Love the polka dots and that you can see just what you are looking for in the bag,due to the light colored interior.

Piccadilly Circus bag #2 all finished!  My plan was to gift this to either my niece or niece in-law...

and gift this one(Piccadilly Circus bag # 1) to the other...but I am really liking # 2 myself!  Oh Deer,better package it up quick and ship it off,before that happens ;).

This is a very roomy bag,in fact it is a bit larger than what I normally like to carry.  Other than that I really like this bag,especially since it snugs up under your arm!  Most bags with longer straps always end up sliding off my (sloped)shoulders,not so with this one.  So that is a big plus,for me anyway.

Of all the bags in the book,this is my second favorite,with the Chandelier Swing bag being my favorite.  You can see those here & here.  Now to see if I can get two of the Sound Check bag patterns sewn up before the end of the month...

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  1. What a great bag! Love your fabric choices.

  2. Love your bags and the fabrics you used. With this challenge you have become an expert on making bags! Well done!

  3. They are both great bags! I love how you are able customize the pockets and add the d ring, which is a clever idea!

  4. I am loving the exterior and interior fabrics you used for #2, I could see why you would want to keep it.


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