Sunday, November 30, 2014

Big City Bags ~ Sound Check Bag ~ Take 2

Did you all have a nice ThanksGiving,with lots of turkey and Family?  Hope that wherever you were it was a wonderful time spent with Family and friends!

My last post (just below this one) was all about my mis-adventures sewing up my first Sound Check Bag.  One of the two Bags we could sew up this month for the Big City Bags SAL.

The second bag is of course the Sound Check Bag.  The fabric for the exterior of this one was a gift from my friend Jamie,of busy bee quilts.  She has a great eye for fabric,Thanks Jamie :)!

After all the problems with the last Sound Check Bag I was a little hesitant to cut into this beautiful fabric!  But as they say,nothing ventured nothing gained...

The interior is a pale pink with an almost cream color polkadot.  It is actually pretty cool,as the dots pick up colors,when I had it next to the yellow they almost looked a faint yellow shade.

Happily this time around there were almost no mistakes made.  When it came time to add the side panels they were 2 1/2" short!  After emailing Sara (just an FYI here,she is super about getting back to you,asap)!  She replied to my email within a half an hour.  I realized that I had forgot to round the corners on the side panels.  That was my only issue this time round! (yay)

When pulling fabrics for this bag I wanted to use an accent fabric that coordinated with the flesh/peach color.  This is one of those times when thankfully I did not have anything in that shade,so the yellow it was.  The yellow gives this bag a pop that the other color just would not have.

We went to Riverside Park to take the photos today,because they have set up all the Christmas trees for the season.  I love to go and see them,they are all decorated by individuals/shops that are local.  Some are in memory of loved ones that have passed on.  Some are just themed for the shop that has that tree.  These cute little snowmen are a pattern I tested recently...more on that in a later post.  See this post from a couple years ago,for a look at Holiday Park all lit up at night.


  1. This one is beautiful! And I love how you did the straps, with the splash of yellow in them also!

  2. Your bag is so colorful! And those snowmen... well I can't imagine anything could get much cuter than them! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. ~Cori

  3. This bag looks great! I'm glad you were able to use the fabric. Yellow is a great choice to use with the purple. Both look so vibrant! Glad to hear the sewing of this bag was much smoother:)

  4. Also I like the strap on this bag...I looked back and can't tell from the photo if your other bag's strap was done with two fabrics (it looks like one but I'm not sure). I really like the touch of the two fabrics a lot!


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