Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Frolic & October Goal (s)

This week past week I was able to squeeze in a little more sewing!

Sorry for the blurry cell photo,but this one was snapped off pretty late at night.

There is a better close up for you,I am really loving the bird blocks and wish I had included a few more.  Even though they would have been repeats of the blocks already there.

This is how far I was able to get before running out of the DS Quilts print,the orange print sashing strips.  Hopefully Joann's will still have some of it next weekend when we go to the city.

Recently while surfing Pinterest for Christmas Ideas I came across this Pin for Infusing Sugar over at Sugar and Charm since no one locally sells cute little jars like the ones they used.  I purchased a few sugar dispensers at Walmart for $.97 each,although not as pretty they are just as functional.  I layered the zest and the sugar,but next time will just mix it all together.

The rest of the fruit did not go to waste,instead it was sliced up and placed into the food dehydrator.  When it is all dehydrated it will be used to make simmering pouches for last minute Holiday gifts.  I just need to pick up the spices to go with them.

A handful of yoyo's that will become Christmas Ornaments...

Lastly,my goal for this month.  The HoneyMooner suitcase,which will be a twofold goal/finish.  Since it will be for both the BigCity Bag SAL (button on my sidebar) as well as my ALYOF Goal.  I have everything except the 48" zipper,wish me luck(I need it)!


  1. Love, love, love your quilt! Such nice colors. You have been busy. And already getting your Christmas ideas into motion!

  2. I hope your Joann's has the fabric! Nothing more frustrating than running out of sashing.

    What kind of ornaments are you making with the yo-yo's? I need to make a few for a hospice tree. Yo-yo's sound fun!


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