Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Angelic scraps

There has not been much sewing going on around here lately,hence the lack of posting.  Today was Inventory at work,so life can/will finally resume to some semblance of "normal".

These little Angel ornaments are the result of my recent sewing.(plus 7 more in progress)  You can find a tutorial for making some like the two at the top of the photo here.  Mine are slightly different,they have wings made from only one yoyo,and the wooden balls/beads are solid,meaning that they do not have a hole drilled through them.  Which meant that I had to attach the hanger and halo differently.

The ornaments laying flat might end up as magnets,or they might also get hangers and be tree ornaments/or package decorations.  The link just goes to a photo,but all you need to do is make a couple yoyo's and add the wood pieces to turn them into Sweet little angels!

On our trip to the city I found these cute little jars with wooden spoons for my infused sugars!  They hold one cup,or 8oz. of sugar.  Since all of Hobby Lobby's glass was 50% off they were only $1.73 each,such a sweet deal.  The flavors,from left to right are,orange,chocolate mint,unfilled as yet,lemon,lavender and lime.

I used some of the orange to make orange cranberry scones the other day,MM Good!

Back in september Daryl of Patchouli Moon Studio posted about some Kumihimo necklaces she had made.  They are beautiful!  So After leaving her a comment and several emails to work out details,she agreed to make up a custom necklace (on the right) and also sold me the one of the left,which had already been made.

They arrived in these cute little drawstring pouches,perfectly wrapped and instantly ready for gift giving!

Included in my package was this sweet little fabric postcard extra!  If you have someone who loves jewelry on your list this year,she is selling these for $18 + $3 shipping(US).  Her photos are much better than mine,pop over from the link above and have a look for yourself.

Joann's did not have either the fabric I need to finish my Fall  Frolic quilt top,or the right size pillow form for my fox pillow cover (above) so,I just stuffed my bag of polyfil in it so you could see how sweet it is.  It measures 19x19,so I might just end up making my own pillow to put in it.


  1. CeLynn I am so glad you like the Kumihimo necklaces. Thanks for blogging about them too. :0)
    That's a beautiful quilted pillow you made too!

  2. Oh CeLynn, these are so cute! I love this post. Your craftiness is amazing.

  3. those angels are adorable! I might have to make some of them for the tree. The sugar sounds intriguing - what do you use it for, just baking?

  4. You say you haven't sewn a lot but it looks like you've got a lot of projects in the works or completed! I think your fox pillow is totally divine! I love the offset stars and fox fabric centers. I think a 20 x 20 insert would be perfect for a 19 x 19 cover. The inserts always seem to lose their oomph after a few days so I usually overstuff mine to retain some poof:)


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