Monday, September 1, 2014

Spoiled Rotton

Recently I have been telling you about some swaps,and showing you things made for my partners...

Now to show you what I have received in return!  A peak inside the boxy zip pouch received from my partner in the Super Swaps August swap.  This swap was for a zippered pouch or a basket,I asked for a zip pouch.

This pouch has room for lots of stuff...

Like all of these goodies that were in it when it arrived!  I love the fall colors used in the prints and the solid orange my partner used,but especially the leaf/tree print!  Don't you just love the umbrella print?  I sure do!  The candy didn't last a hot minute,although,I did only eat half and shared the other half with Mr. P.

In the Secret tote bag swap my partner Spoiled Me Rotten!

Saturday when I checked the mail my package was there,I was so excited to see which bag was in the box!

My partner had wrapped each extra or goodie item in tissue paper tied with bakers twine,it was just like Christmas!

When I finally got to the last tissue wrapped package in the box,this to-die-for bag was inside!  If you know me at all,then you know how much I Love SunFlowers!

I am just over the moon excited to have received this bag!  I am still smiling from ear to ear,and will be for quite some time to come!

The third swap I joined is the fox swap

Today I finished up this little guy to keep my partner company when she is sewing.  I have not yet started on her main item.  The due date for shipping is September 22,so I have a little bit of time to get it done.


  1. Great bags and pouches! The picture of your sunflower bag in the garden with the real sunflowers was amazing. The colors are beautiful.

  2. Wow! You got some wonderful treats! I bet you're still grinning from ear to ear. I'm still waiting for my sunflowers to bloom, I enjoyed seeing yours!

  3. Oh my did make out like a bandit! I love it all, so I can imagine how excited you must be. I love swaps, please let me know about the next one you find!

  4. Omg CeLynn! That bag you got in the swap is A-mAZ-INg!!!!! I love all those fabrics, especially the arrow print. That sunflower on the front is so beautiful. You are one super super lucky lady! I'd be sport on that bag all over town!

  5. I love doing swaps! It is always so much fun to see what comes in the mail!


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