Friday, September 19, 2014

Fall apothecary jar mini

This week I was finally able to squeeze in a little sewing!  After all the canning/preserving going on around here,the idea to make a mini jar quilt came to me.

Not just the plain ole mason jars which are very functional,but not so pretty as all those jars in the preserving magazines.  Which by the way are not actually recommended for preserving,because they do not seal good enough.  So my jars are not what you will find on any other jar quilt,but I sure do like them!  As you can see it is still in progress...when the preserving is all done and I can once again see my table top,this will be on it.

Speaking of preserving,this is part of what I put up today.  Seven pints of spaghetti sauce and a partial,which will be used in the next few days.  The little jars on the right are pesto.  They have joined a ton of other things in the freezer.

This is one of my cupboards,it used to be an entertainment center...since the storage space in our mobil home is very lacking,I asked Mr. P to up-cycle it for me.  He did a great job,and even made a shelf specially for my pressure canner.  The two smaller shelves hold my baking chips,nuts,and dried fruits.  The canned goods from left to right are:  blueberry syrup,peach syrup (for pancakes/waffles) blueberry/orange/rhubarb jam,tomato jam,peach chipotle jam,relish,and lastly pickled beets.

I still need to make salsa,and apple butter,and the mountain of zucchini and yellow squash is slowly being made into bread,and frozen.

Yesterday these foxy goodies were all packed up and shipped off to my swap partner.  I decided on a hoop art for her and added some braided embroidery with beads and a fox charm.  So that when it is hanging it sort of looks like a dream catcher.  The first coffee kozie was scrapped and the one on top of the little fabric bundle is my second attempt.  It is a keeper,or in this case a sender!  Might just have to make one for myself.


  1. The hoop art turned out beautifully, CeLynn! You are one generous swapper! Anyone should be over-the-moon thrilled to be your partner!

  2. Such prettiness, CeLynn! The fox is adorable :) I love yout new header!

  3. Different sunflower header! Love it. are a very busy lady. Everything looks so good.

  4. I love your little jars! They are adorable. I still need to learn to can, but this year I will be attempting cake in a jar, I just hope they are edible when they reach their final destination!

  5. Good Morning CeLynn, You have been so industrious with your preserving and yet you still manage to find time to sew and create a beautiful mini quilt.
    I love re-purposing items I already have and your entertainment centre which has been turned into a cupboard is a great idea.... all your jams and sauces fit beautifully.
    Your swop partner will be over the moon to receive her gifts and I love how you have made the foxie hoop art.
    CeLynn I do love your new sunflower header, it fits beautifully with Autumn.... which I think begins today. I remember growing a similar sunflower when our daughters were small as they were perfect for children as the seeds grew so quickly.... I think if I remember correctly, the one I grew was a small version called Pistaschio.
    Have a lovely day today.
    Best Wishes as always.


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