Sunday, September 14, 2014


Much too busy even to find the time to post!  It is that time of year when the garden needs to be harvested,and preserved.  Fall yard and home projects need attending to,and I have been covering someones vacation at work.  Which means working late everyday...

That doesn't leave much time if any for sewing lately.  I did manage to sew up a couple things for my partner in the fox swap over on flickr.  This was my first paper pieced fox,but I should have used a lighter background..(although I really like this as it is,it is not for me)

Mr. fox #2 much better,because he stands out from the background.  The plan is to either make this into a mug rug,or hoop art.  I am leaning towards the hoop art,but we shall see.

This was an attempt to make a fox coffee kozie,but I am thinking that the head outline needs to be a bit larger.  Also the buttons need to go,and some embroidery should take its place...

Twelve little foxy note cards that I printed off on card stock,just need to make the envelopes for them.

Also a few book marks,I am thinking of laminating these...I do have a couple other things,but have not posted pics of them over on flickr yet.


  1. Oh my goodness! All of those little foxes are just so cute and adorable!!! No wonder you have been too busy to post!

  2. Well Celynn...this is so very cute. I'm impressed with your paper piecing.

  3. lucky partner! What a great set of makes.
    by the way, did you know that the text on your blog is huge? Each letter is 1/4" high...

  4. I love those notecards you made!!! They are just adorable. I like those two paper pieced foxes too. The first one looks very dramatic and striking! You still have plenty if time to mail your swap goodies!

  5. I really like fox #1 a lot, I think because a hunter stays where he is camouflaged, and that's what this looks like.


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