Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Projects and swaps...

This past weekend I was at a craft fair both days,so no big projects.  In between customers I did do some hand work though.

These are mini yoyo Christmas trees,I just need to add a little something at the top of the tree.  Maybe a little jingle bell or something.  I took some little ribbon spools and hot glued a piece of batting to them and then added the tree on top.  These would make cute little place markers at a holiday table,or as a tree ornament.

Since I had some ribbon cut and ready,the other project for the weekend was a few pinecone ornaments.

They still need their toppers,but are almost complete.

Last month I tested a paper pieced block for Angela over at Sewing With Squeak.  This was the treasure chest block,she also had a sea horse and a castle.

These are a fabric pull for the 241 tote swap that I joined over on flickr.  I am hoping that my partner will like something here.  What do you think?  I also joined another swap for a zippered pouch or a basket,but have not pulled fabrics for that one yet.

Since I have not sewn up this pattern before,that is my project for this evening.


  1. I think a jingle bell would be perfect for the tops of the trees and I love your fabric pulls for the tote too!

  2. Oh that 241 tote is one I have always wanted to make! I'm pretty sure I bought the pattern a long time ago. I'll look on my computer when I get the chance.

    I vote the bright one on the front left for a swap, but I like the two on the right myself!

  3. yes, I'd say a jingle bell too. How did the craft fair go?


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