Monday, July 28, 2014

Lucky Denver Mint & Chandelier Swing Bags

This month for the Big-City Bags SAL we are eligible for Double(prize) Entries if we made both the July bag and the August bag,due to a little mix-up!  So I got busy last week and...

First July's bag,The Lucky Denver Mint bag.  This bag is kind of a mini version of the Bye Bye Love Bag,in that is has a similar shaped top.  This bag is nice,but just simply not my style.  I used a scrap to make the bag and so was not able to get the design centered on the bag.

A peek inside shows off the Ice Frappe Kona solid,which goes perfectly with the accent color that outlines the design on the exterior of the bag.  My pockets are a little smaller than the pattern calls for,because again I used up a couple scraps!

For The Chandelier Swing Bag I used a scrap of Little Kukla for the main part of the bag exterior and a DS Flea Market Fancy print for the top and strap.

The backside has a zippered pocket,which I debated on omitting,but in the end I went ahead and included it.  Since the inside has no pocket,and a bag should have at least one!

This bag has a recessed zipper,this was my first time ever inserting this type of zipper closure in a bag.  I am happy to say that it went smoothly.

For the inside I used a super orange pop of a print!  It was the only orange I had enough of and even though it is a much more vivid color than the other oranges in the Little Kukla print,I like it.

You can probably tell by the amount of photos,that this is my favorite bag of the two.


  1. Love these bags. Yes, that last one is so much fun. Love the inside orange!

  2. Your bags are always so lovely. I like them both!

  3. I love your Chandelier Swing! I had so much trouble with that Denver Mint, I called it "not so lucky". Ugh. My handles were also very short and annoying. I wish I had seen your Instagram post sooner!

  4. Your bags are just turning out so beautiful! Congratulations!

  5. The fabrics in your Little Kukla bag are so perfect together! Don't you think you are quite the bag-making expert at this point??? Good luck winning a prize!

  6. Good Morning CeLynne, You really are the 'Queen of Bags', you makes such beautifully coloured bags. I love the Chandelier Swing Bag.... what a fabulous name for a bag and to create such a little beauty, Lucky Denver Mint, from scraps.... that is so amazing, that is why you deserve the accolade.
    It is lovely to catch up with you and all that you are doing.
    Have a lovely day today.
    Best Wishes as always.


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