Thursday, June 12, 2014

Swap reveal and other sewy stuff

This quarter for Sew,Share,Swap (the FB swap group I am in) the theme was 4th of July,sewist choice.

Which meant we could choose any project we wanted to sew up for our partner.  I received Melissa's name this quarter!  It took me forever to finally make up my mind about what to make for her.  She likes things bright and Modern.  This little mini above was my tester for my pattern!  It will be a garden flag soon,it is 13 1/2 x 17 1/2 :)

This is the one I made for Melissa,it measured around 25 by 36.  She received it today so I can show it off to you!  I was pretty worried about her liking it,but she has assured me that she loves it :)  This pattern is a combination of two techniques that have been pinned on my(techniques to try) board on pinterest for a while now.  I am so excited with how this turned out and will be using the lightening technique again for sure.

For the batting in this project I tried out this new to me batting.  you make your sandwich and then instead of basting you press the sandwich!  I ended up pressing on both sides of my sandwich because my iron tends to scorch fabric if turned up higher than the lowest cotton setting.  It was nice to not have to baste but,I would not use this in a larger project than this for fear of getting things crooked and then having a disaster!  It is great for smaller projects though.  I purchased this at Joann's with a half off coupon.  So it was around $7.50 and it is 45 by 36.

This little table mat was just the wedges left over from a block I made for someone while I was in stash bee.  It was three wedges short of a block so I added three red and white wedges,you can just see the corner of one.  The center is also red and white.

Recently Lorna over at Sew Fresh Quilts put out a call for pattern testers,why yes I did volunteer!  This is the first part of my project.

Then this came together,although my strips somehow got out of order.  It is staying as is right or not,because I do not dislike it enough to rip it out!

Were you wondering what that word above was?  Ha ha,most of the way through the heart block it dawned on me that my U had issues!  So I ripped it apart and fixed it.  (story of my sewing life :)

A couple of spools of scrappy thread too...


  1. Oh I really love that flag pattern! I'd like to try that iron batting also. I'll watch for it at Joanne's. I get coupons from them frequently.

  2. That is a gorgeous flag mini, CeLynn. Sew clever! Love the round topper, too. Now about the pattern testing.... U certainly had me worried! Ha, ha! Your blocks look fabulous and the heart does look pretty the way it is. Looking forward to your progress!

  3. I agree U had me worried 2. So glad U figured it out. Everything looks do great!!

  4. Oh, these are all lovely projects! Good job!

  5. Your not so mini looks great, I love the theme and how you made it. I saw the mistake on the Quilt, but don't see it on the heart, it looks good to me.

  6. your mini quilt is just fab! Great idea and well done! I love the little table mat too and the paper piecing - I wanted to test that pattern! I'm pretty sure I'll buy it when it's released.

  7. Your little garden flag is so cool. So glad she liked it. The testing looks like it has been lots of fun too!


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