Thursday, June 19, 2014

Grandma quilts...

So I have been counting down the days until Friday because my sis was scheduled to arrive for a long overdue vacation together!  Well she snuck in a couple days early...(I can hardly wait to clock out at lunch tomorrow)!

This is a quilt my sis made,isn't it just beautiful?  The story...our grandma sewed all her quilts by hand,and to quilt her quilts she tied them.(which is how we both learned to make our quilts and how T still finishes her quilts)  Our grandma had a thing for Hawaiian print fabrics and her all time favorite was this line,she had it in all the colors available.  The stars in the blocks were all hand sewn by grandma.

When T (my sis) moved out on her own grandma gave her all the tiny scraps left over from her quilts/stash.  T has had them for a very long time,the last couple of years she has slowly been making quilts with them.

As I said the majority of the scraps are tiny so she has had to look for patterns with very small pieces.  We would love any ideas/patterns you would be willing to share with us!  T brought all of the green and teal scraps and gifted them to me,so I will be using them in the future to make my own Grandma quilt or quilts!

Although T does sew,her true love is working with glass.  This is her first glass flower that she made!  I am now the proud owner of this gorgeous piece of art,lucky me :)

This is her most recent glass flower,she was really excited about how much she has improved!

T also has a talent for drawing and painting as well,recently she painted this picture and texted it to me. Thanks for letting me show off some of my sisters creativity with you!  Hope you all have a super week and I will be back after my vacation :)

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  1. I am not at all surprised that your sister is so talented, it obviously runs in your family. Beautiful quilts, those glass flowers are gorgeous, and the painting is wonderful. I particularly like the swirly sky, it has a kind of textile quality to it.


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