Monday, May 12, 2014

Trail of Diamonds table runner

Well,I must have been living under a rock lately!  I had not a clue that today was the start of Giveaway Day Week!  Hopefully I can put something together before the end of the week...

This morning before heading out to work I snapped off a couple shots of my latest project!  Why yes that is snow on my deck,on the 12th of May...  The only good thing about spring snow is that it melts off fast :)

As you can see it still needs to be bound,but the quilting is all done!  Hoping to finish it this week.  Any thoughts on the binding?  Should I use solids and make it scrappy,or maybe more batik fabric?

I spent part of my mothers day sewing up this little pouch.  The pattern can be found in the summer issue of  Quilts & More.

I made mine scrappy :)  This is a great little pouch for when you only want to pack the essentials.  Everything in the photo fits in the pouch,and you could fit a couple more little items in it too.

Hope you have a great week :)!


  1. Your bag is awesome. Is there a link for the source? I also like the runner

  2. Uh oh, that's some weird weather! I am living under a rock too as I thought Sew Mama Sew wasn't a website anymore. Oh well! Did you enter any giveaways?


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