Friday, May 9, 2014

little bits

Not much sewing going on around here this past week or so...but the garden is almost all planted!

I did sew up a collar and leash for Jolene's dog...

as well as this,a drawstring bag for doggie treats while on the go.

The backside,at the top center is a tab for clipping to a belt loop/bag for on the go.

Figured out the kinks with my bowl covers!  Now they have a nice finished edge.  This is my tester set.

Lastly,a new project I started on last night.  I decided that this month would be mostly a no goal month,just a whatever I feel like sewing month.  My only actual goal is to finish my Eye's Crossed Spied quilt.

Happy Mothers Day Weekend!  (if that applies to you)


  1. Nice flowers!!! I like the dog collar and leash you sewed! Was it hard to sew through the layers with your Janome?

  2. Happy Mother's Day CeLynn! I just planted our petunias this afternoon, and will do the vegetables tomorrow. Hope you won't get snow!

  3. That dog collar and leash look great. And your garden is almost all planted? You have been busy... And productive! Hope your Mother's Day weekend was fantastic!


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