Thursday, May 1, 2014

Birdie quilt Finish!

Now this is the way to start off a month right!

When I last posted about this quilt it looked like this,the binding still needed to be attached and there was some hand stitching to do around the birds.

A few nights ago the hand stitching was finished.

This evening Mr. P went to Denver with some friends to see a Rockies game.  So,that left me the entire evening to play in the sewing room!  I started off by making the binding.

Binding in progress...Before starting to sew on the binding I decided to try something that Amandajean over at crazy mom quilts talked about in her Machine Quilting 101 post yesterday.  She said to sew a basting stitch all the way around your quilt before attaching the binding.

This was the first time I had ever heard of doing that,and I wanted to see what,if any difference it would make.  Let me just say that I am sold!  It really made a big difference,it was so much easier to attach the binding.  I will be doing this from now on,and am looking forward to what tips and tricks she has to share  in the coming posts.

All bound and ready for the washer!  Where it is as I type up this post.  You can't really see the binding very well,but since it is way past dark...

Although there is still a Lot of room for improvement when it comes to bindings on my quilts,they have come a long way recently too.  Practice and some wonderful tips/tutorials have helped me tremendously,so Thank You to everyone who takes the time to share your knowledge!  Because I for one would still be ripping out stitches if not for your wonderful tips and tutorials.

Tomorrow will be the Big Reveal of my Secret project from last month!  So stop by tomorrow evening to see what it is.


  1. oh well done on getting it finished! The birdies are so cute and I love your scrappy binding

  2. Such a sweet finish. Looks so springy and bright.

  3. What a great finish! I love the little birdies!

  4. This is adorable! Isn't it great to learn new techniques from blogs? I am so addicted to trying all these new tips. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Let me start by saying, I LOVE THIS QUILT!!!!! The hand stitching is just the right accent around those birds. And I love the binding. The close up is a beautiful print--do you happen to know if it's Annette Tatum key fabric? It's so pretty. I read the same post you are talking about and in the past I tried doing the stitch around the edge but I found it made my quilt pull a bit so it wasn't as square anymore. That could have just been me being a newbie quilter at the time. It didn't work for me, but I'm glad it worked for you!!!


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