Monday, April 7, 2014

April Goals...


Since I did not get to the Convertible bag for March (bag of the month bag) it has been moved to my goal for  A Lovely Year of Finishes for April.  Wish me luck...

Aprils Bag for the Big City Bags SAL These are the fabrics I am hoping to use to make my Wonderland Bag this month.  I think that I will just be able to eek the pieces out of these half yard cuts (the pattern calls for 3/4 yard cuts).  If that does not work out I will be choosing different fabrics.

This months bag for the Bag of the Month Club  These are the fabrics I have pulled to make The Midtown Messenger Bag (I haven't printed the pattern off yet so no photo  of the bag for you)

As always there are also other sewing goals that I have not listed,but will post about as or when I work on them or finish them.    Speaking of which,this past weekend I made progress on my Triangle Quilt (button at the top of sidebar).  That will be another post this week!

Wishing you a week with time for sewing :)...


  1. Love the fabric choice for your bags. Thank you paying a visit on my blog too:)
    Also, Please give a shout of Thank you to your son for his service.


  2. CeLynn, those are beautiful fabrics you will be using for those bags - they are going to be special. Thanks for sharing.


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