Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Alpine Triangles quilt & a sneak peek

I rushed home from work today to try and get a shot of my quilt top.

It was pretty windy,so I just snapped off a quick picture,because the link up over at The Sassy Quilter closes tomorrow!  There are so many beautiful quilt tops already linked up,you should go take a look.

And your sneak peek!  I have made lots of progress on my secret project :)  Which I should be able to post about at the end of this month.


  1. I think our two quilts are the prettiest ones in the link up!!! This photo is really good CeLynn. I like how you arranged all the triangles to make those sections. It really looks like sparkling jewels in this photo. Just gorgeous! You should be so proud of this one.

    Did you change your header to a new sunflower?

  2. Love your the Alpine Triangles. How fun!

  3. Love your colors! Definitely one of the prettiest...though I do think mine will be the cutest!! LOL!!!


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