Sunday, April 27, 2014

Alpine Triangles Finished!

This is what my lovely looked like last night.

And was super windy,but I was able to get all the photos except this one,and it isn't bad :)  I just had to wait to take the shots in between gusts.

My original plan was to have a totally pieced back with all the scraps left over from the front.  However time was slipping by and the end of the month is only a few days away.  So a change of plans was in order.  The center strip of fabric is a Madrona Road text print,the side strips are scraps of Nordika and Pure Elements Solids.

When I posted about how I QAYG in a previous post,there were several people who asked for more information.  So here is the skinny.  When I quilted my quilt it was with the top and batting only,and I only quilted the sides of the triangles,leaving the bottoms of the triangles un-quilted.

You might be able to see the quilting lines better in the photo above this one.  After pin basing the back of the quilt to the top and batting I quilted straight lines across the bottom of the triangles,where each strip was attached to the one above.

Here is a better photo,it is hard to see the quilting on the text print.  I hope that explains things for you all,if it does not,just let me know in the comments and I will try to explain better.

The binding is True Colors Woodgrain by Joel Dewberry,I think it is the perfect choice for this quilt.

I learned a lot during the making of this quilt,and still have a lot more to learn about sewing triangles!  It was such a fun time spent in the sewing room!  You can be sure there will be more triangle projects to come around here!

A Big Thank You to Paula over at The Sassy Quilter for all the tips on how to sew the quilt and for hosting the QAL!

Linking up to the Finish Party check it out for a whole lot more triangle sweetness :)


  1. This came out really nicely. I love the pieced back.

  2. This quilt turned out so good, CeLynn! I love how the front looks southwestern to me (I know, weird because it's not southwestern fabric) but the placement kind of like mountains and jewel colors makes me think it. I love how you used the Madrona Road black text print for the back. It is one of my all time favorite fabrics. And the binding is just perfect! I never thought of using one of the True Color woodgrains for binding, but now I will keep it in mind for a future quilt. Great finish, CeLynn!!!

  3. It turned out lovely. Congrats! I like the bright solids in your combo and the back as well.

  4. Oh what a pretty quilt. Love the bright colors you used.

  5. I love the quilt, and especially the colors you used.

  6. Really cool layout and what pretty fabrics.

  7. Beautiful finish, CeLynn! Love the pyramid feel of it. Perfect fabric choices and the Woodgrain binding frames it all sew perfectly. Great job!

  8. Love your fabric arrangement and your choice of blenders with Nordika!

  9. Love this quilt! Nordika is a favorite of mine:) You did an awesome job and the binding is just perfect. Thanks for quilting along with me!


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