Saturday, March 1, 2014

UFO turned WIP

Last November during the For the Boys blog hop one of the participants posted about a bed runner she had made.  Since then I have been wanting to make one for my own bed,since my feet are always freezing in the colder months...

This morning it was finally time!  I started by cutting out a bunch of ten inch squares and making up some pin wheel blocks.

When getting close to finishing up the pin wheel blocks,I was thinking about what to add with them to make a decent size bed runner.  And then the light bulb came on!  I remembered this sitting my my UFO quilt top cubby!

I decided to cut the square piece in half and add a row of the pin wheel blocks in the center to increase the width.  The runner will finish out at 40 inches by close to 80 inches wide.


  1. That's going to make a great bed runner. And you turn a UFO into a WIP, soon to be a finished project, win, win!

  2. Greta idea. This will make a wonderful bed runner ... :) Pat

  3. Way to be resourceful! I bet the Mr. is going to like this one. My feet are always cold too and I wear the world's thickest socks to bed because I can't sleep if my feet are cold.


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