Sunday, March 30, 2014

Its a Wrap 30/30 Challenge

Here we are in the last two days of March...

Which means it is time to wrap up the "selfish sewing" I have been doing this month.  Week # 4 was my Mystery project!  Mostly because I had not decided yet what I would be sewing during this past week when making my list at the beginning of the month.

Here is a clue,a bare Naked ironing board.  Because trust me,you do not want to see just how ugly the old cover was...

The fabrics pulled for a new cover,minus the one on the far left because I opted not to include it after taking the photo.

All finished!  My irons point of view...

Voila! The hardest part of this for me was to get the new cover pulled tight enough and tied off.  It really helps to have another person to help with this.  Enter Mr. P to save the day for me ;)

Sitting pretty,just waiting to get their Press on...  I am sew loving this new cover made by me for me!  Would you like to make a new cover for your ironing board too?  Well then,here is the link to a great tutorial for you to check out.  You are welcome :)

I liked the first one so much,that I decided my smaller ironing board also needed a new cover.  why yes that is more Denise Schmidt fabric :)  Love.

One evening was spent doing some hand quilting around one of the birds on my birdie quilt!  Three more to go...

This is what Mr. P worked on for me on Friday!!!  Our anniversary was last month,when asked what I would like this year,I requested a cutting table.  Being the handy man he is keeper he is Mr. P. started asking all sorts of questions as to just what I envisioned.  Friday evening this was sitting in my sewing room!  Today he is gluing down the pressboard/laminate for the top.  I really hate to cover it up but,the groves where the wood is joined would not make for a very good cutting surface,so cover it up I must.

I am just Loving this and I might mention that my back will be loving it every time I cut fabric from now on :)

Just wanted to say Thank You So much Sarah from Berry Barn Designs for this wonderful challenge!  As I now have some very lovely things sewn just for me,by me :)


  1. Your ironing board covers are so the fabrics!!! Your hubby did a great job on your new cutting table…perfect height for a 'happy' back :) Enjoy!!!

  2. Oh so pretty! I actually said, "Ohhhh" as I saw the picture of your new ironing board cover. Just gorgeous!

    Lucky you to have such a handy husband! Your new table will be perfect!

  3. So nice to have a handy man around the house, CeLynn ; ) And I love the colors of your new ironing board cover - might make ironing a tad more fun, huh?

  4. Love yourtt ironing board cover...see similar ones, but just wondered how (well) does it iron with all the seams in it? Does it leave marks because of them? Love your cutting table as very handy! Great projects for yourself!

  5. Love your cutting table! I did something similar using shoe cubbies. My husband used an old piece of plywood for the top but my cutting mat covers it and I love that I'm not bending over to cut any more! blessings, marlene

  6. Well, what a clever thing to make for yourself. Ironing board covers look great! And that cutting table is VERY NICE. A real beauty and useful for storing fabric too it looks like. Who can't use more organization space?

  7. Now that is what I call an anniversary gift! Forget the flowers and candy. He IS a keeper! ;) Also, that ironing board cover is to die for.. mine is so sad. It actually died. Had so many holes in it, I took it off, and have been ironing on the ironing pad until I covered it with an old pillow case. haha I really need to make one!!

  8. Happy anniversary and what a great gift! Love your ironing board cover. Great job! :)


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