Saturday, February 1, 2014

Scrappy sewing week

Good morning,and happy first day of February!  This past week I have been working out of my scraps,yea!  Before getting to that though,recently we have had some new readers/followers around here which has put the total over the 200 mark.  Pretty excited about that :)))  so...

How about we Celebrate with an Appreciation giveaway?!  Three patterns,so three Winners!!!!  Of course my international peeps are included,wouldn't leave you gals out ;)  If you are not a regular commenter,make sure that you leave me an email address (if it is not linked to your blog)so you can be contacted.
            *Unlike my usual giveaways,this one Requires that you be a follower to Win *  Giveaway open until Tuesday the 4th,winner announced on Wednesday the 5th.

           ~ GiveAway Closed ~

Since it is a new month,I wanted to start off by showing my scrap cutting progress.  This bin was on the verge of overflowing at the beginning of last month!

This pouch is actually made with some of the same fabrics (on the outside)as my Swoon block.  The colors are not showing up correctly though.  I was thinking of sending this along with the larger pouch,but unless I can fix the zipper tabs that will not happen :(

After the zipper tabs fail on the above pouch,I decided more practice was in order.  (also,I plan on selling these at fairs later this year)  So,here are the ten sewn up this week,practice definitely makes better.

Thought you might like to see the main fabrics used for them too.  Yes Hot Wheels,as well as a camping themed one too!  This last summer several guys stopped by my booth to shop,and I decided that there should be some "guy"fabrics included in my products.  Besides,some girls like those things too ;)

All of the above pouches,were made from my smaller than a FQ bin,since I was on a are another 30 kits all cut and ready to be sewn up!  This idea came to me while making the first ten pouches.  I like it,and plan on doing this with a lot of my staple items.  Although it takes quite a while to do all the cutting,it will be nice to just grab a kit and sew it up.

Hope you have a great weekend,without too much snow or bad weather :)  See you tomorrow with my February goals.


  1. Congratulations Celynn!
    I love your stack of pouches!!

  2. I've been on a roll using scraps lately too, although mine are not organized like yours! It feels good to make something out of leftover bits that are languishing in a bin. Your pouches are very cute!

  3. Adorable pouches…love the idea of using up scraps and having 'kits' ready to go! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I love the pile of pouches and the stack of pouches ready to be sewn. I have a similar pile. Sometimes it's nice to be able to sew something basic and quick.

  5. So nice to see I am not the only one who takes the time to cut up the scraps. Love it! One of my big goals for the year is using up some of my over flowing scrap bins. Wonderful idea to cut out all the pouches and having them ready to sew. You will have them done in no time.

  6. Good Afternoon CeLynn, You are absolutely amazing, you work, you cook and you manage to do all this scrap cutting.
    I love the little paisley pouch, it reminds me of the paisley patterns which are found quite a lot on material made in India.
    Congratulations for reaching over 200 followers.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.
    Best Wishes

  7. Wow, you've been busy CeLynn! Practice does make perfect--good for you! I just got a new magazine (at Walmart) that has a really pretty scrappy quilt pattern in it for strips. I will send the magazine to you when I'm done with it if you want. It's just a Bento Box, I think that's what it's called, so I won't need the magazine after I cut all my pieces. It's really stunning. The magazine is called Fresh Quilts.

  8. Hi! Love to have some of your energy. I have a mental to do list but it's getting longer instead of shorter! Lol :-)

  9. wow, that is a lot of pouches! They look great!


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