Thursday, February 27, 2014

Another one bites the dust...

Yes this month is all but over,what the title really refers to though is goal finishes.

Appliquéing the birds on to this quilt top and then sewing the two pieces together was my goal for ALYOF this month.

This goal has been successfully completed.

I am thinking of doing some big stitch around the birds in the same colors used for the applique,for now I just sewed around each bird with the machine.

The best part is that not only did I meet my goal,I also exceeded it!  The quilting is also done (minus the big stitch I am thinking of adding).  The backing fabric is a aqua print with tiny little birds all over it,picked up at Joann's last year.

Next up is my Big City Bag for this month,the Go Go Bag. Also a successful finish!

The inside is the same fabric used for the flap.  This is a hand dyed fabric that my mom gave me several years ago.  So I do not know the designer or any info about it,other than she purchased it sometime in the 80's or 90's.

The back side has a zipper pocket,as well as one on the inside of the bag.  I just happened to have two zippers in the perfect colors to go with the bag!

One more photo just because I am loving how nicely this purse turned out.  There were a few spots that were troublesome but only because my machine does not like to sew through any bulk at all.  Other than that,this bag went together smoothly.

My third finish for the month,the four barn bags that I wanted to get done.

The bag of the Month Club,the Butterfly Sling Bag.  Still looks like this for two reasons one,my printer is on the fritz,only printing parts of the page.  The front page you can see in the photo is the only page that printed in its entirely.  The rest of the pages have a lot of partial photos and words.  Secondly,there is a lot of bulk to this purse,and as stated above my machine does not play nice whenever that situation arrises.  So for now it has been put on the back burner...

All in all,this has been a very productive month especially considering is was a short one and a week of it was spent on vacation.

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  1. Congrats on meeting your goal ( and then some)! Love the birds!

  2. You had a busy month CeLynn and congrats on meeting your goals! Love the barn bags! Freemotion by the River

  3. Love the colours in your quilt! So spring like. Makes me happy. Especially like those appliqued birds. They are a great addition! Your Go Go Bag is just Go-Go-Gorgeous!

  4. Great finishes CeLynn…especially love those barn bags!

  5. what an adorable quilt! Look at you on your bag making roll! I haven't made a single one of the Bag of The Months yet!

  6. Love the quilt & the gab. great finishes for Feb for sure.

  7. Congratulations on meeting all of your goals, your go-go bag turned out really cute, love the fabrics you have pulled for your butterfly swing bag, are you going to use the heart clasp for it also?

  8. Wow! Impressive month! Also, I noticed your comment about the Butterfly Sling Purse, and I just finished mine this morning. It's not near as bulky as I expected it would be. I think the Go-Go Bag was bulkier, so maybe it won't be too much trouble through your machine. (?) Good luck!

  9. Way to go, CeLynn! You got a lot done this month, and it's the shortest month too!

    The bag turned out beautifully. You are getting to be such a talented bag-maker! What's next on your list for bags?

    And I think the combination of applique and patchwork looks fantastic together in your birdie quilt. Big stitch around the birds sounds like a lovely addition to the already beautiful quilt!

    CeLynn, can you tell me how this comment appears in your email? If you click to reply to my comment is my email address at Hotmail or gmail? I'm having some issues with getting logged in to my accounts correctly because Bea was using my computer to make her own blog today. I commented on several blogs and then realized I was commenting with her id. whoops!!! Now I'm not sure how to get back as myself!

  10. Wow lots of wonderful finishes! I love that hand dyed purple too!

  11. That is such a pretty purse-bag. Good job! Way to make a piece-of-lost-history fabric into a hip modern bag
    The birdie quilt is cute and I wish it represented a present-day spring that seems to be lacking in our weather...

  12. What a darling quilt! Congratulations on your finishes!


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