Sunday, January 12, 2014


You are probably thinking,she did say she was jumping into 2014 with both feet,right?  Yes I did say that,I am,just getting off to a slow start.  However now that my motor lil miss Janome's motor is running  smoothly...Here we Go!

My plan was to use the above fabrics to make my Fireside Bowl Bag,but there was only a 1/2 yard of the green and the pattern calls for 5/8 yard.  So I went with a Kona solid instead.(Peacock,I think)

Saturday evening was spent cutting out all the pieces and fusing all of the interfacings to each corresponding piece.

The first sewing step,sew the zipper to the exterior zipper panel.  The first time I sewed the zipper incorrectly,and didn't realize it until I had already started to rip the basting stitches out.  However,as it turns out,that was not such a bad thing,as a result of that mistake,I did not have to do any hand sewing on the zipper panel :)

The bag strap and strap extenders,all finished.  The hardware are two different colors,since I could not find the needed items at the same place or in the same color.

The first side all pinned and ready to be sewn.  I was so excited when getting to this point!  About half way around,the thread ran out,so off to the LQS for another spool.  They did not have the same shade,but had one pretty close.

After dinner,I was able to finish the exterior of the bag!!  Hopefully tomorrow evening I will be able to get the interior of the bag done...

In other sewing news,my Wake up to Kona (button to schedule is on my sidebar) project is also finished,but you will have to come back on Thursday the 16th to see it. The strips in the photo above are Lavender,Cerise,Mulberry,Ice Frappe,Glacier,and Silver.  These are the colors used in my project.

One of my personal goals for this year is to get my scraps cut up into squares,instead of being piled up in totes.

This is my progress so far,the stack of 2 1/2"squares is 5 1/2"high.  The plan is to spend at least 15 minutes cutting squares each time before starting to sew on my projects.  That also means cutting any and all new scraps into squares as I go,so the tote does not just get filled right back up.

Did you have any time for sewing this weekend?  I hope so ;)


  1. Good Morning CeLynn, I love your choice of colours for your fireside bowl bag, but can I ask, what is a fireside bowl bag, is it something to keep your sewing bits and bobs in? What ever it is used for it is lovely.
    What a great idea to spend 15 minutes to cut scraps into that is what I call, being wonderfully organised.
    Best Wishes

  2. Love, love love your new bag! The peacock blue adds so much, so it was fortuitous that you didn't have enough of the green. (Although I'm sure the green would have been fine if you had had enough.) The idea of cutting scrap for 15 minutes before you sew is a great. I think I may have to borrow that idea! Thank you.

  3. Great goal for cutting your scraps every time you sew! Can't wait to see your Kona project ;)

  4. If only I could be as organised as you, cutting squares as you go!!! Beautiful fabric on the bag.

  5. Nice organization, CeLynn! I love that Kona peacock color, what a pretty deep shade of blue. Can't wait to see what you made with your other Kona colors!


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