Sunday, January 26, 2014

Nothing new...

This was pretty much a sew-less weekend.  However,I did get outside to snap off a few photos finally!

Fireside Bowl Bag ~ first bag in the Big City Bags Book

The inside of the Bye Bye Love Bag ~ first Bag of the Month bag

This one you have not seen before,it is the Aeroplane Bag.  I started this one way back in August of last year.  The plan was to use it at Fabric Fest but,time ran out.  So it has sat in the UFO bin.  Until this last week that is!

For the top part of the bag I did half arc quilting,and for the bottom practiced some pebble bolder quilting.  This is the bag/pattern that got me hooked on Sara Lawson's bag patterns!  So I am glad to finally have it finished!  The timing is not to bad either as Mr. P and I plan on running away next month for a little R&R :)))

I have finished my swap pouch,but will not be posting photos until I send it off later this quarter.
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  1. Beautiful bags.Have a fun week!

  2. Your bags are so beautiful!!! I love them

  3. Here from let's bee social! Looks like I found the bag queen! Lovely!

  4. Your bags look great. I keep thinking I want to make some too.

    1. You are certainly a prolific bag maker! They are all so pretty! One of these days, I will have to give that a try. I am usually drawn to blue, but that Aeroplane Bag sure has caught my eye. Hope you and the hubby get a chance to use it on your planned get away!

  5. These bags are lovely - will definitely look up the link to the patterns. I've not made any bags yet but really want to try. Envious of your weather - here in the UK it hasnt stopped raining for months!

  6. This bag looks great! I love how wide it opens.

  7. You've done some amazing bag sewing lately! Do you think you like making bags better than quilts?

    The aeroplane bag is very pretty--the shape reminds me of a bowling ball bag:)


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