Friday, November 1, 2013

Secret Project sneaky peak

Here it is,well a little peak anyway!  Sorry,that is all you get for a little while longer...

Gil arrive home yesterday!!!  So for most of the next two weeks I will be hanging out with,cooking,and baking for my people :))))  I will be back to post my goal for this month,and on my day For the boys blog hop.


  1. Good Morning CeLynn, Isn't it wonderful when the children return home for a visit. Have a wonderful time together.
    Best Wishes to you.

  2. Love the sneak peek! Enjoy your visit, I know the time will be over too soon.

  3. Love love love love love! Oh! Did I mention I love this? All of it, but most especially that you have visitors :)

  4. Oh CeLynn, I love this! I recognized the Red Thread fabric right away. Your project looks great, can't wait to see its final reveal!

    Have fun visiting with your son!!! Glad to hear he's made it home!


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