Monday, November 25, 2013

Novembers,Lovely Finish (ALYOF)

November is fast coming to a close,which means Thanksgiving is almost here!  I have so much to be Thankful for.  On that long list,is the ability to sew and create beautiful things from fabric,speaking of that...

This is what my goal(charm bag in progress) looked like at the beginning of the month.

This is what it looks like now,finished!  Yeah,another goal finish for the year :)

Sorry about the washed out color,but since it was already dark when I returned home from work this evening...the inside print is a purple all over paisley print purchased at Joann's.

If you like very large bags this is a bag to consider.  To give you an idea of the size here is my Janome 8077 in front of the bag,of course the bag is slouched,as it only has fusible fleece to add structure.

Lil miss Janome fits inside with plenty of room to add fabric,notions or whatever else you might need.  There is a full 6 inches of room on one end,or center the machine and have 3 inches on each end.  Although I do not plan on using this to carry my machine with me,it would easily work nicely for that!  My plan is to use it for trips to the fabric store,plenty of room to hold Lots of New Fabric ;)

Sadly,if I were to review the pattern,it would not get a thumbs up :(  The only photo,was not a photo at all,but a sketch of the charms laid out to form one side of the bag,that is it!  Luckily for me this was not my first bag,and so after reading and re-reading I was able to figure things out,or improvise to make the bag turn out.  If you are new to making bags,I would recommend waiting on this bag until you have a few makes under your belt.   One thing I did really like is the unique way in which the handle is attached,instead of attaching it to the tote it is threaded/looped through the tabs and then the ends sewn together.
This pattern is called,Charm Tote,and is by a local FiberArtist by the name of Susan Regan.  Her business name is Creekside Stitches.

Thanks for stopping by to checkout my finish,I hope you were able to complete your sewing goals this month as well!  Linking up with Melissa for the Finish Party!

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  1. That's a bright cheerful bag and very practical:)

  2. What a great finish! Good for you!

  3. Very cute bag! Congratulations on a finish and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. It looks wonderful, CeLynn! And with a size like this, you'll have plenty of room while shopping for new fabrics for sure!

  5. It looks great, though crappy patterns are annoying!

  6. Congratulations on a beautiful finish! I've made a few bags and I would probably still struggle with this pattern as I am a visual learner. Well done! I hope you had a wonderful holiday!!!


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