Saturday, November 23, 2013

Back in the sewing room...

The two weeks of being "unplugged"has turned into more like three and some days,sorry about that.  Our visit with Gil and his buddy was way to short,but Sweet at the same time :)))!  The guys headed back to Cali with a car loaded with all kinds of goodies raided from "mom's"pantry :)

Although they have been back home for a week and a half,my computer hiatus continued so that I might get caught up on a few craft fair projects.  This morning we woke up to a winter wonderland setting.  Tonight you can barely see the tops of the solar lights on the patio table,and it is still coming down.  Nothing like a little snow to get you in the mood to sew up some Christmas projects!

First though,one of the few sewing projects I worked on while Gil was here.  This trio of bubble gum themed baskets landed at his sisters house recently as her birthday was this month.  Of course stuffed inside the baskets were jars of homemade jam.

Since Jolene's baskets were so much fun,I decided to make up a bunch for the upcoming craft fair.  Here are the thirteen that are done so far.

Next on the agenda,some Christmas themed mini gift bags(15).  These mini gift bags were a good seller this summer at the FM.

These cocktail napkins started out as a panel of squares,the original plan (when the fabric was purchased)was to make potholders,but they were not large enough for that.

You can not tell from this photo,but I used a decorative stitch that looks like a snowflake,near the center of each napkin to secure the two layers of fabric together.

The next project,a few car seat blankets...

The strings/ties on the sides are for securing the blanket to the car seat,so that it does not slip or get kicked off!

This one is still in progress,the grey bits are little elephants.

A little pink monkey love for the last one ;)

This is an idea that has been running around my head for awhile,I took a dish drying mat and added some binding made from a scrap of Christmas fabric.

These would make a great last minute gift!  Even if you have a dishwasher,you could still use it for pots and pans,or other items to large for the dishwasher.

So far I have only 10 of these little yoyo trees made,but will have more soon.  The thread is just to show the size.  I also plan on painting the little ribbon spools brown for the trunks.

These Christmas Tree napkins have been on my list for some time,they are for Mr. P and I  :)  Tutorial Here

Lastly,this is going to be a set of fabric ornaments,the 12 days of Christmas,from the Partridge in a Pear tree to the twelve lads a leaping.  Okay,so now you know what I have been up to,what have you been sewing for the Holidays?


  1. No wonder you haven't been blogging, you've been too busy sewing! Wow! So many great projects.

  2. Wow! You have been crazy busy! Congratulations on everything you have accomplished. Your winter wonderland sure looks beautiful :)

  3. Oh my goodness, you have been busy!!! I love the baskets you made. They are so useful and I hope they are good sellers for the farmer's market!


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