Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It is Wednesday,you know what that means...

It is time to announce the Winner of my 4th and last Giveaway for my belated blog anniversary!  Before we get to the Lucky commenter,I would just like to say:
    Thank You for all of the wonderful Christmas stocking stuffer ideas shared in the comments!  Each and everyone of you had some great ones :)

The Winner is...
Renea commenter number 17 Congratulations Renea I have emailed you please send me a reply to receive your goodies!

Now that the weather is starting to cool off,kids will begin spending more time indoors.  These little rice bags are great for any number of indoor toss games.  There are two sets for little boys above,and I have two sets for little girls that just need the rice added and to be sewn shut.

Today was inventory at work,so after a couple hours I was cut loose for the rest of the day!  Although my free time was spent sewing,it was on secret stuff,so the rice bags are all I have to show for my free day.  However you only have a little over a week before one of the projects will not be secret anymore ;)


  1. Thank you CyLynn. I am sew excited. As I said, these rulers were on a wish list of mine and now I get to use them any time I want to. Thanks again!!


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