Sunday, October 20, 2013

Charm Bag (in progress)

First an Apology to Patw...  Pat I am so very sorry for inadvertently deleting your comment!  Not sure how I did that,but I did :(  Do not worry though,you will still be entered in my Giveaway,but I do need a way to contact you in case you win :)

This is the charm bag(in progress)one side of it anyway :)

This will be the other side of the bag.  As you can see there are six charms across the main part of the bag,so it will be a good size bag when finished.

These goodies are a surprise gift from the lovely Daphne,over at Ivy,Phyllis and Me if you have not visited her blog you should!  She posts the most amazing recipes :) Thank you Daphne,I love them!

Recently Jamie sent me a package with all of this Sweet fabric and basket!  I am so blessed with bloggy friends :)

This pile of scraps is the result of squaring up 168 HST (half square triangles) this afternoon!  Which are for one of my secret projects!


  1. Good Evening CeLynn, I am so pleased you enjoyed your gifts, it was a joy to send them to you.
    Wow that is a lot of scraps.....168 Half square triangles..... phew.... your arm must have been aching.... but so worth it.
    Best Wishes

  2. Seekrit, huh? Not fair! :)) Can't wait to see what 168 HST-s will make! The charm bag is looking good already CeLynn! :)

  3. Oh, cool! I hope you like the fabrics---I ordered a "mystery" box of fabric from Craftsy and sent you the fabrics I got 2 of. Some of the fabrics were duplicated, so I'm always happy to share:)

    Looking forward to seeing your new bag. You have been making a lot of beautiful bags lately.

  4. Love that pile of scraps! Looks like amazing progress on your secret project.


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