Saturday, September 14, 2013

What Happens in Vegas...

In my last post,I said that it was time for a little break.  That break started on Monday when I clocked out at lunch time.  From there it was a three hour trip to the airport.  An hour or so after my scheduled flight(due to severe thunder,lightening and hail) we finally boarded the plane...


This is where I finally ended up! (after more delays)  Since my arrival was so delayed,I missed the Meet and Greet for Riley Blake's Fabric Fest.  However,from then on things only got better and better!  Jamie from busy bee quilts was patiently waiting for me when I finally stepped out of the taxi!!!

After dropping my bags off at our room (all the way at the end of the hall) we headed over to the shop.
Just a Warning,Lots of Photos below...

This quilt has snowmen,so of course I had to snap a shot off of it!

Love how the bright chevrons just pop out from the grey background fabric of this quilt.

How about some pretty chevron flowers?

These boots are made for walking,this would make a great little boy quilt.

A new take on Little Red Riding Hood's dress!  This line is of course Little Red Riding Hood.

As you can see from all the displays,the shop set up was Eye Candy every where you looked.

This quilt features 3D boxes and trims.

I really love,love,love this 3D pinwheel quilt,with the sideways chevrons for the boarder!

And how cute are these little ladybugs and bunnies?  I had to buy a panel!

Kelli,from (seriously.. I think it needs stitches.) created this Sweet Mod Geo Cruiser Quilt!  She used Lori Holt's newest line Gracie Girl,which is what you see all piled up below the quilt.

A little closer shot,sorry it is a bit blurry,all these photos were taken with my phone.  Hope I did not overload you with too many photos.  (I have more)

It was an Awesome three days of classes,sewing,quilty friends,fabric,and some shopping too!!!  When the next one comes around I hope to attend again :)  I learned new skills,meet new people,finally meet up with Jamie,after two years of blogging together!  She is the same Sweet person you meet on her blog!  If she gives permission I will post a photo of the two of us during the open sewing night,working on our projects.

More photos and details soon.


  1. You DO know Jamie.. :) She emailed me a few times from there. She is soooo sweet! I'll bet you two had the time of your lives. I wanna come next year too, k? :) Thanks for all of the eye candy pics. Can't wait to see/read more. xoxo

  2. Looks like a great time! Must go next year....with Kelli :) Great pics that you got of her Mod GeoCruiser!

  3. OH my goodness! I am so jealous! I'm glad that you had a wonderful time! I can't wait to see more pictures!!!!

  4. Good Morning CeLynn, Oh my, you sound as if you had a wonderful time in Las Vegas. It is always frustrating when flights are delayed, but, it is understandable, as the weather was so bad.
    I love the quilt with the chevron flowers and how fabulous to spend three days, just sewing, shopping and chatting with friends.
    I really enjoyed all the photographs you shared. I look forward to see some more.
    Best Wishes

  5. Cool! You took way more photos than me. Yours are great! I'm going to post the photo of us on my blog too, if that's alright;)


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