Monday, September 16, 2013

Fabric Fest Swag

In one of the emails from the coordinator for Fabric Fest,there was a hint about Swag...

Upon arriving and registering,each person received a bag like this,stuffed with goodies,brochures,magazines...

As well as all these sweet goodies!  At each meal/place on the tables there were decorative squares of paper and or fabric with sayings on them!  (three of mine are in the photo)

Tuesday morning my class was with Sue Daley,she taught us how to make hexagons. (1/2")  We cut the pieces,glued them to the papers,and then sewed them.  I am a slow hand sewer,and was only able to finish one flower during the class.

The afternoon class was Big Stitch,where we worked on pillows.  I will post photos when mine is finished.

Wednesday morning I took a class on using up scraps,this is the basket/box we made in class.  We sewed four 6 inch pieces together (I alternated the pieces) for the outside and four for the inside,then attached the bottom squares.  It turned out pretty cute!

The afternoon class I chose to take on Wednesday was Lori Holt's Candy Beads Quilt ! Using her circle rulers.  BTW sometime in the near future I will be giving away a set of these!

Here are the circles I was able to finish during class.  There are 60 circles total,so I need to make another 28,fourteen each of the medium and large size.

Lori Holt and me :))))  Standing in front of her finished Candy Beads Quilt.  Although you can not tell from the photo,the background color is a pale aqua.

Quilts from the Fashion Show Wednesday night:

These are not all of them,just the ones I was able to get a good photo of.  I did not get any of the clothing,because everyone walked so fast!


  1. You got some great photos of the fashion show, too! Will you be going again? How is the flooding where you live? Are you all right?

  2. It looks like you had a great time! Love the little box you made. Hexies are so time consuming, they took me ages to sew and I swore I'd never do it again!

  3. Wow, that swag bag looked fabulous, and love your pic with Lori Holt! Love all of the fashion show pics, too. Such cute quilts! (and thanks for getting a pic of mine--I still can't believe it was there!)


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