Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Polka Dots,churn dash & Nutcrackers too

Although normally those three things have nothing at all in common,they do in this post!

Remember my July finishes post where I said that you would just have to trust that I had fabric cut for a couple Christmas projects?  Well last night there was actually a little sewing progress!

The polka dot fabric was purchased last year (I think)at Joanns,the Nutcracker fabric is from a couple years ago,and the white/Holly print has been in my stash since the late nineties!

These batik strips are for another project in progress,which I hope to have finished by Friday night.


  1. For some reason I never could get into the whole Green & Red Christmas schemne. I like these a lot, because they're really more Red/White with a sprinkle of green, and Green/White with a sprinkle of red. It's a beautiful balance.

  2. Good Morning CeLynn, I love your Nutcracker material, as it reminds me of the Nutcrackers which I bring out at Christmas time.
    I also love red and green as they are colours I use at Christmas. It will be lovely to see the finished product, I know it is going to be lovely as you have such an attention for detail.
    Best Wishes to you,

  3. I love your polka dots and the nutcrackers are making me swoon :)

  4. What fun Christmas blocks. Love the batiks, too. You're always up to something!


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