Monday, August 5, 2013

August ALYOF Goals

After the crazy busy month July was for sewing around here,I decided that this months goals would be countable on one hand!  So here are the three items/goals for this month...

All three of the following photos are courtesy of Sew Sweetness Pattern Shop Where I purchased (and you can to) the three bag patterns from.

This first bag is called Aeroplane Bag,because it makes a great travel bag,there are two different sizes included in the pattern.  The regular size,and the long size.  I have yet to decide which size I will be making.

The second bag is called,Soda Pop Bag (love the name).  It features a rounded bottom and also has large grommet windows so you can show off bits of your favorite fabric!

The third pattern I purchased is the Lapin Nori Bag,which you can use either as a long handled tote,or a carry all,because it has not one but two handles!

Now I have to decide on the fabrics...

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  1. I love the bags. Good luck with your goals this month. Relax and enjoy the process since last month was all about production. :-)

  2. Oh, what great choices! The aeroplane bag is on my list for "one of these days." LOL

  3. Those are some fun bags. You really do have a bag addiction :)

  4. I'm looking forwards to seeing some bags :)

  5. Wow! I can't wait to see your bags!!!


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