Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A polka dotted basket...

A little basket sewing,and some canning as well.

A few weeks ago I purchased the divided basket pattern from Noodlehead's pattern shop this is the first basket made from that pattern.   Although the dot lining and binding appear to be different shades,it is in fact the same print!  The next one I make will either have a shorter front pocket,or I will use the print for the pocket.

A look inside.

Once the divided basket was under my belt,I couldn't stop!  So these three were made using some scraps left from a baby quilt made earlier this year.


On to the canning,this is the Peach Chipotle jam made this past weekend.  The batch actually yielded 7 half pint jars.

Three of the 6 jars of Caramel Apple jam,also made this past weekend.  This one took a long time,because as the recipe directed,the caramel was made from scratch,a first for me!  This jam is delicious,but a Lot of work.


  1. Loving your blog! New follower here, hoping you'll stop by my blog and say hello and follow back :)

  2. What cute little baskets! Bet you will find lots of uses for them. I am amazed by all your canning, it takes so much time and you still got some sewing in! Way to go!

  3. Oh those little baskets are so sweet! Is that what the soft and sable was for? (or what did you use to give them body?). They look so nice!

  4. Peach chipotle jam sounds amazing! Your baskets are great! I was wondering where the divided basket I've been seeing everywhere came from, and now I know :)

  5. What adorable baskets and your jam sounds good! Thanks for sharing.
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