Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A couple new (to me) things...

Since my Soft and Stable did not ship out until yesterday (really?),I have been working on some other new patterns purchased recently.

Remember the strips of batik fabric from last week,well this is what they became.  The pattern is from indygo junction by,Amy Barickman (IJ909).  It is called Cinched Patchwork Satchel.  There are directions for making the bag from re-purposed menswear,or batiks.  Having batiks on hand,that was the obvious choice for me!

The pattern called for attaching the handles with grommets,but I mis-understood the directions,so had to just sew my handles on and leave the grommets off.  There are pockets on the front and back insides of the bag.  I love how roomy this bag is and am really happy with how it turned out,even with the mistake.

How about the two extra birdie blocks I made for July?  This simple cross body bag is the "plans" I mentioned in that post .  For the second one I will change up a few things,like adding zipper tabs,and using something other than cording for the strap/handle.  Adding a second zip was a thought,but then I would have to cut up the birdie.


  1. Cute cute cute! The first bag is stunning! It has great colors for fall but not so much that it couldn't be used year round. The second bag is adorable. Why not add a zip at the top of the bird block (across his head) so you don't have to cut up the bird? Just a thought.

  2. Love your bags! You have made so really cute bags this year. So inspiring.

  3. Great bags! You have really made some lovely ones recently!

  4. ps. there is something technical going wrong on my front and I am having a hard time commenting on blogs. Sorry if I haven't left a comment right away. I have tried twenty times!!!


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