Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Bungalow bag

Or two,or three...

In my last post I promised to share the new bag pattern I was trying out,as soon as you could tell it was a bag.  Well,can you tell it is a bag? ;)

Detail shot of the decorative stitching on the handle.

Bag # 2 is all about the stripes! On the inside the bags have a pocket on both the front and back sides,which measure about 4 inches square.  (sorry no inside photos)

Last,but certainly not least!  This print just screams Fall :)  I can not decide if the first one,or this one is my favorite,I Love them both!!

The Bungalow Bag is a Abby Lane Quilts pattern.  Let me just say,that this was an enjoyable sewing/bag project.  The pattern is easy to follow,and has clear and concise instructions,with a few sketches to help explain things.  The one and Only thing I did not like about it is the fact that the handle seems to be an after thought.  At the very end of the pattern it says,now add your favorite handles.  Since I did not have any to add,stash scraps to the rescue,for three fabric shoulder strap type handles.


  1. I really love the first one CeLynn, the pattern looks adorable!

  2. What great bags! Were the pleats difficult to make? They look fantastic.

    My favorite is the first one. I love the wavy red parts of the fabric and how they go on the bottom half of the bag.

  3. I really like those pleats, sure bet it is roomy inside.


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