Friday, July 26, 2013

Sewing like mad

This past week has been crazy busy in the sewing room for me.  As usual my list of goals is,pretty much Way over what can be accomplished in my limited sewing time...

But first,something that should have been on my list,oops,forgot to add my blocks for Stash Bee .  Two of these will be heading out next week,the other two were my practice blocks.  I have plans for them...

The majority of the week was spent working on these babies for my nice's bridesmaids.  I also made up one for her,would not think of leaving out the most important lady of the day!  The print she picked for the outside of the clutches is,an Essex Linen blend La Femme floral nouveau in ivory,by Robert Kaufman.

For the insides she picked three different prints from Amy Butler's Alchemy line,in a Linen Rayon blend.  My first thought was that these prints should really be on the outside of the clutch,and it sure would have been easier to sew them that way.  However,they are not for me.  After finishing them and taking the photos,I decided it was a nice surprise to open up the clutch and find such a pretty lining fabric inside.

This last one,which I actually made first,is for my nephew's wife.  She has been helping my nice with all the planning and such that goes hand in hand with a wedding.  This one was one of the 6 that were requested.  It has the floral nouveau print inside,and the sparkly green outside is,a Michael Miller print.  Something Frost? (sorry brain fail)   This is my favorite of the 7 ;)

Since there were still two of the original 8 in. frames left from before the decision to go with 6 in. frames,I decided to just make up this one...

and also this one,to sell.  Even though sunflowers far my favorite,I like the orange daisy print one better!  The inside of it is lined with a matching DS print.  The lining of the sunflower clutch is a purple that goes with the purple on the outside.

Remember my stray quilt blocks... two of them were owl blocks (I think from 2011,sew bee blissful Bee)  These were my practice blocks,all of the other blocks were donated to the Waldo Canyon Fire quilt relief effort.  The handles are leftover 3 inch squares sewn together,and turned right side out,the lining of this one is just a scrap of plain muslin.

This second one is about 6 inches taller and a little larger around too.  The handles for this one are made from a striped brushed cotton,while the lining is an allover green print.  It also sports a small inside pocket,made with a orange scrap of butterfly fabric.

 I also made my "bar" soap,but forgot to take a photo of it (next post). Whew!  So still to be completed from my goals list are...  the triple zip pouch,and two Christmas projects need to at least be started.  I think I can,I think I can...


  1. Fairy Frost is my absolute favorite. I'd only use it in everything if I had my way!! Okay, maybe not but I love it!

    I wish I had the patience to sew clutches and bags with zippers. Yours all look fantastic!

  2. The clutches you made for the wedding are pretty classy, although for every day use I would prefer the pretty fabric on the outside. Are the metal frames hard to work with?

  3. Beautiful work all of it. And I love your birds!

  4. Love the clutch bags you made for your neice. What a nice Aunt you are! Looks like you've been having fun with your projects.

  5. I love the clutches with the linen fabric! I think they look very sophisticated with the linen on the exterior and the print to wow you when it opens. They are just beautiful! But you know my favorite is the DS prints orange flower print as well. Something about her fabric just draws me in every time. And those owl bags would be perfect trick or treat bags! Sure they will sell at the farmers market. I'm curious, what did you use for your soap mold?

  6. You have been so incredibly busy! I love the clutches and the pop of color inside really does make a statement. I imagine they will be a lovely surprise for the wedding party ladies. Those birds are just adorable. On a different note, sorry I have been MIA, dealing with family stuff, but I'm back! And I've missed you :)

  7. Wow, that is a lot of sewing! I love those birds. And the clutch bags are going to be a big hit I am sure!

  8. you have been sewing up a storm! those clutches are so beautiful.


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