Monday, July 1, 2013


Well,2013 is now officially half over.  Crazy,I know,before we know it December will be knocking on the door!  Saturday I had planned on working on BOM blocks,since it rained,that did not happen,but this did...

Remember my row quilt top?  Well it is a top no more :)  The first rain drops started to fall just as I finished packing up my F M booth.  What timing!  Anyway after a late lunch,and the sewing tables back in place,this was calling my name.

The back is a Joann's fabric called scallops,with the star row a little off set from the center.  At the bottom are the extra geese,as somehow that row ended up with too many!  The binding is made up of scraps from the quilt front,and also the backing fabric.

I am so happy to have this one finished,as it is mine All Mine :@)

Yesterday,was spent in the kitchen and the garden.  Here are the fruits of my kitchen labor!  The four jars at the back are Rhubarb and blue-raspberry (blueberry/raspberry) jam,sounds out there but is really yummy.  The four shorter jars at the front are Strawberry Marmalade,a first for me.  Of course I had to add my own twist to it!

Instead of oranges and lemons,it has lemons and limes,in place of the water the reserved juice from cooking down the rhubarb was added,and to take it over the top fresh French Tarragon from the garden.  A party in your mouth!

On the left is my French Tarragon,on the right Mexican Tarragon.  There are also two sweet peppers in between,also harvested but not pictured...lettuce,swiss chard a bit of lavender,mint,kale,and a couple peas.  Which will probably be all we get as the deer wreaked havoc in the garden one day this last week :(  Thank goodness they were picky and left the majority for us!


  1. The back of this quilt is just perfect...I love how the scallops fabric tones it down but then the extra strip really jazzes it up and adds so much personality and sparkle! You have achieved perfect balance. This quilt is something to be proud of!!!

    Blue-raspberry sounds delicious on an English muffin! I am ashamed to say I've done no canning this summer, but luckily I taught two friends to can last summer and they've sweetly shared their creations with our family. Thank goodness because strawberry is my favorite.

  2. Your quilt is wonderful! Congratulations on another finish!

  3. I just love this quilt. Mine, two as you might remember, are in a basket, one nearly finished top, the other with a couple of rows to go. I have to finish at least one this summer. I like the way you did the back side, and I might cpoy this idea. Thank you.

  4. it's beautiful! well done on getting it finished. Who stole the first half of the year? was I asleep?


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