Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Finishes for ALYOF link Party!

Here we are again people,at the tail end of yet another month!  So lets get right to what was accomplished.

First on my list was Clutches for my niece...

She wanted six,I ended up making seven,with the one for her,included in this photo.

This one,for her sis-in-law who is helping her,or being her wedding planner.

Next up,the Triple Zip Pouch,for my secret swap partner.  If she does not like this one I will make her another,as I have until the 17th of Aug,to send it.

All twenty crayon rolls that I made,because a customer at the FM requested some :)

My favorite of the three bags I made from the new pattern I tried out.

Next on my list was make soap,laundry(which I already posted about)and bar soap.  I ended up using a plastic tray with shallow circles from the recycle bin,and for the actual bar at the back,a shortening bar tray,also from the recycle bin.  This batch is scented with LemonGrass essential oil,I decided not to add any dye to my soap.  Not pictured,is a batch of Lavender scented soap.

The last item on my goals list is,start at least two Christmas projects,well,I have them cut out.  You will just have to trust me though,because I forgot to take pictures of the cut up fabric! (oops)

My projects list...

Did not make any more progress on this quilt after this photo,but there was at least some progress.  No progress on the Try something New,but it will happen,and when it does you will hear about it!

Make some bags from stray quilt blocks...bag number one

Bag number two,there are still 5 or 6 to go,but two is a good start.  The last two,pillowcases and list a few items,did not happen but,again,they will soon,and since they were only projects... I am okay with that.

I am tired,but happy about getting so much accomplished :)  However,this next month I plan to take it easy for a change!

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  1. Good Morning CeLynn, My word, you are a very industrious lady, you have made some beautiful items. The clutch bags are gorgeous, your niece must have been thrilled to pieces.
    You are a very talented lady CeLynne and your work is beautiful.
    Isn't it wonderful to accomplish your aims and to see the finished work.
    I have a number of unfinished projects which I have not completed. I find when the weather is warm, I spend a lot of time gardening, then as the weather changes and the nights draw in I do a lot more sewing. In winter it starts getting dark at 3.30pm and so it feels like the perfect time to sew.
    You have inspired me, I am going to make a list of unfinished projects and place the list on my pin board so that I see it everyday, which in turn will encourage me to finish them.
    Best Wishes to you,


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