Tuesday, July 16, 2013

ALYOF Mid ~ Month progress

Half the month has flown by already,which means it is time to show my progress on my list (s)...

This is the photo from the book (Simple Choices,by Abby Lane Quilts).  This quilt is titled Simply Spring,AKA my birdie quilt,which is on my projects list.

Here is my version,the blocks are made up with Polka Dot Stitches fabrics.  My birdies are from other fabrics in my stash.  Right now they are just pinned on,since I need to purchase some steam a seam before I can attach them.

The wings and tail feathers pattern pieces cut out of freezer paper.  I still need to pick the fabrics for these pieces...

On to some goals,here are all 20 of the crayon rolls that were sewed up last week!  Obviously I can not count to 20 as I only came home from the store with 19 packs of crayons...

Three new fabric journal covers all ready to go,just need one more composition book for the one in the center.

A few more only,these are chalk board journals.  Killing two birds with one stone,as these have been pinned on one of my pinterest boards for quite a while.

Laundry soap,these are just what would not fit into my big jars!  The one on the left is made with Fels-naptha bar soap,the one on the right is made with pink zote bar soap.  They also both have super washing soda,and 20 mule team borax,I have been using these for around a year now.  They work just as well as store bought at a fraction of the cost :)   Still trying to figure out what to use as molds for my bar soap...

No progress on the clutches yet but,I do have the fabric!  The new bag pattern,bag is in progress and I will post about it as soon as it is finished,or at least to a stage where you can tell what it is from the photo.  Stalking my triple zip pouch partner,and have some fabrics in mind...


  1. I apologize if you get two nearly similar comments from me. I was trying to read and comment on my phone and it didn't seem to be working, so I have moved to the computer.

    I always love seeing all of the different projects that you have in the works! I'm really interested in those chalkboard notebooks and I think I have to go and have a search for them.

    You might consider using Pringles cans as soap molds. I took a class on soapmaking once, and although she also had proper soap molds, she also used Pringles cans to make soap that she gave to us (included in our fee). Of course, you have to eat a bunch of Pringles first to get the cans... or find someone who eats a lot of Pringles :)

  2. chalkboard notebooks are a fab idea! I'm afraid I can't see the top photos (I often get blurred out photos on blogs, no idea why) so can't comment on them, but I bet they're gorgeous!

    I don't really get the washing powder bit - have you made this washing powder?

  3. Love the birdies quilt...have fun working on it!

  4. I love the look of your quilt! It is so much fun! I've never made my own soap but it is something that I have always wanted to try... :)

  5. You have sewn so much! I just adore that birdie quilt! Totally my style and of course the fabrics are my fave!

    I was going to suggest Pringles cans for soap too. I've never made my own but my sister makes soap and that's what she uses. She learned it in a soap making class too.

  6. You've been B U S Y! Great to see what you've been up to recently - I absolutely love your birds quilt!!

  7. So, I just happened to see this idea and wanted to send you the link... I hope it doesn't turn into spam... This site is in Spanish (I think) but you can get the idea, or maybe you can put it into s translator. For soap molds:http://arte-jabon.blogspot.com.es/2013/06/moldes-para-jabonfacilisimos.html


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