Sunday, June 9, 2013

No sewing...(but a great Vacation)!

Sometimes I need a break,yes,even from my favorite thing to do.  This past week Jolene and hubby were here for a visit :)  What a great visit it was!  Funny how time always just flies by when you are enjoying it so much.

A short 4-5 hour drive and we were at Mesa Verde National Park.  We only visited one of the many cliff dwellings sites,but it was quite an interesting look into history.

This site was very well preserved,check out how black the rock is from all of the fires that were built during the 700 years people lived here.

One of the 5-6 skinny man squeezes on our two hour hike.

Taking a break.

There were so many awesome rock formations,each different,depending on how the wind and water has eroded the sand stone.

About midway through the hike were the Petroglyphs carved onto a sand stone cliff.

Chimney Rock on the way to/from the park.

One of the views from a scenic overlook on Wolf Creek Pass.

The kids left this morning,so it is back to work tomorrow.  This coming week I will get back to the sewing room and hopefully get caught up on some sewing :)


  1. We went there a few summers ago and it was gorgeous! It's an amazing place!

  2. What a beautiful park. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures. And glad you took a break to spend time with your family, sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

  3. What a beautiful park. I'm ready to come for a visit now. :)


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