Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mama's got a new bag!

Not  much to show in the way of sewing this week,but I did receive a new market tote bag,from Debbe over at Pieces to Love!  She is/was my swap partner for this quarter over on FB :)

Check out this totally Sweet bag she made for little ole me!   It is kind of hidden in this photo,but the outside pocket has my initial appliqued on it. (Love ;)

This photo shows the pocket much better!  Loving all those polka dots too...

A peek at the  inside and some more pockets.  Her bag is on the way,but has not arrived yet.

This months Stash Bee block,was for a  Granny Square block.  In one color with light in the center,medium and then dark for the outside.  Heather asked us to leave them un-trimmed,so that she could trim them up herself.

I hope to have a post up Friday or Saturday with some of the things in progress or maybe,finished by then.


  1. I love your Granny Square block. I also have to say, after sewing together 66 granny square blocks last month, leaving them untrimmed is a good request. I had to resew 16 of the ones I received do to inaccurate seam allowances. The quilt turned out beautiful though, and is at the quilter now.

  2. You get so much accomplished CeLynn! I'm impressed with all the swaps and bee blocks you make, gorgeously I might add!


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